Gathering for Gus

2-Day Symposium Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Artist Gustave Baumann’s arrival in New Mexico

September 28, 2018 09:00 am
September 29, 2018 06:00 pm
Friends of History, New Mexico History Museum

.The New Mexico Museum of Art’s collection of more than 1,700 works by Baumann is the largest holding of the artist’s work in any public collection and illustrates Baumann’s breadth of artistic interest. Additionally, the New Mexico History Museum and its Press at the Palace of the Governors focuses on the artist’s process with a re-creation of Baumann’s studio, and holds many domestic artifacts of the Baumann family.

The event will include tours of the New Mexico Museum of Art, with a specific focus on the Baumann pieces on display, and visits to the museum’s collection storage to see other examples of Baumann’s work in the museum’s permanent collection. The New Mexico Museum of History and the Palace Press will also host tours. Offsite tours are also being planned.

Gustave Baumann arrived in New Mexico in May 1918, and attended an exhibit of his work at the New Mexico Museum of Art in October of that year. The museum’s curator at the time, Paul Walter, convinced Baumann to settle permanently in Santa Fe with the offer of studio space. Best known for his picturesque woodblock prints and fantastical marionettes, Baumann also worked in a variety of other media including drawings, painting, sculpture, and furniture design.

The ‘Gathering for Gus’ Symposium speakers include Keynote Nancy Green, Martin Krause, Gala Chamberlain, Antoinette Dwan, Maureen Russell, Christian Waguespack, and Thomas Leech. Attendance at the symposium will be by advance registration, with details yet to be announced.

Other events will include:

New Mexico Museum of Art Tours with Christian Waguespack, Curator of 20th Century Art. Visit collections storage at the New Mexico Museum of Art with Michelle Roberts Head of Registration & Collections, New Mexico Museum of Art.  A visit to the Palace Press will include a printed keepsake and tour of the print shop with Thomas Leech Director, Palace Press.