Negotiate, Navigate, Innovate: Strategies Folk Artists Use in Today's Global Market Place

July 3, 2016 10:00 AM
January 8, 2018 05:00 PM
Museum of International Folk Art
Visitors notice the Gallery of Conscience looks different than the rest of the museum.  In this gallery, visitors are invited behind the scenes to participate directly in the creation of an exhibition.  That is why the space looks informal and unpolished- it’s on purpose.  The Gallery of Conscience team seeks to make visitors feel welcome to write comments, leave thoughts and participate in the exhibition’s creation. Negotiate, Navigate, Innovate is about contemporary folk artists and their relationship with their patrons, buyers and collectors. We are especially interested in understanding the pressures they might feel to keep their traditions alive in the face of modern technological advances and new consumer demands. Visitors will see a kind of "mock up" or series of idea sketches. The artworks will come at a later point in the process- after we have heard from visitors, artists and local community members. See six digital stories created as part of a six month master apprenticeship program in 2016, that focues on cross-generational conversation, documentation and learning of traditonal New Mexican folk arts Iyamopo: My Life in Indigo Pueblo Weaving Native Arts: Rooted in Tradition Colcha Embroidery: Stitching a Story Unfolding Tradition Loving Creations in Clay More Information