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Earning Income by Making a Gift
How does a retiree replace the interest income from a certificate of deposit paying more than 5% when the rate on a new CD is 1.3%? One solution: Donating the principal to a nonprofit in the form of a "charitable gift annuity" in exchange for lifetime fixed annuity payments.

Take Advantage of These Tax Breaks
No one can predict the market, and with taxes on the table, it's tough to know what next year will bring on that front, too. But a number of money-saving opportunities exist through 2012; here are five ways you might profit from today's IRS rules and rates.

Endowments Enable Planned Gifts to Cast a Long Shadow
Endowments are a long-term proposition. Similarly, planned gifts often have a long-term aspect to them in that the wealth being transferred by donors in all likelihood took many years to amass. Frequently as well, donors want their gifts to have an enduring impact. All in all, even though planned gifts and endowments are ultimately distinct, planned gifts are generally well-suited for bolstering endowments, and many planned gifts do in fact wind up playing that role.

Deadlines You Must Meet If You Inherit A Retirement Account

Did you inherit an individual retirement account (IRA) or any other retirement account? There are a number of requirements and deadlines that you MUST be aware of. Failure to meet these deadlines could throw a wrench into your family’s financial planning for the future.

Customers Can Now Donate Shareholdings through ShareGift USA
E*TRADE has announced the launch of a voluntary program that enables customers to donate small or unwanted shareholdings to a charitable organization, ShareGift USA.