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Museum Foundation

Member News

Member News is a quarterly publication for Foundation members that appears inside each issue of El Palacio magazine. A complimentary annual subscription to Member News is included with every membership, excluding Student.

Read the Winter 2016 issue Leaders in Preserving Our Cultural Heritage, the Year in Review

Read the Fall 2016 issue Inspiration and Impact, Crafting Your Cultural Legacy

Read the Summer 2016 issue Investing in a Community Asset Expanding the New Mexico Museum of Art

Read the Spring 2016 issue Our Members Are Golden: Membership Program Marks 50 Years

Read the Winter 2015 issue Strengthening Our Museums, Serving Our Community: The Year in Review

Read the Fall 2015 issue The Museum of New Mexico: An Educational Powerhouse 

Read the Summer 2015 issue The Museum Shops: Supporting Our Museums One Purchase at a Time

Read the Spring 2015 issue Cultural Ambassadors: Foundation Launches New Membership Program

Read the Winter 2014 issue Telling Our Story: The 2013-14 Year in Review

Read the Fall 2014 issue A New Era for Historic Sites

Read the Summer 2014 issue Cultivated Collections: Gifts of Art Sustain Museum Collections

Read the Spring 2014 issue More for Our Members - New Membership Program Rewards Our Supporters 

Read the Winter 2013 issue Realizing Our Promise - The 2012-13 Year in Review 

Read the Fall 2013 issue Fullfilling our Missions With A Lot of Help from Our Friends

Read the Summer 2013 issue Lasting Legacies: Three Inspiring Gifts for the Future

Read the Spring 2013 issue A Season of World-Class Exhibitions 

Read the
 Winter 2012 issue The Year in Review

Read the Fall 2012 issue Celebrating 50 Years of Community Support