Chiles and Sherds at the Galisteo Basin, Pueblo Shé

Chiles and Sherds at the Galisteo Basin, Pueblo Shé

June 2, 2019
Archaeology, Friends of Archaeology

This year (Sunday, June 2, 2019) the Friends of Archaeology will host our Chiles and Sherds fundraising event at Pueblo Shé on the San Cristobal Ranch, about 5 miles south of the town of Galisteo, NM. The event will consist of scheduled small group guided tours of the pueblo before and after a lunch catered by Cowgirl Barbeque.

Pueblo Shé is one of the least investigated and most intellectually challenging of the Galisteo Basin Pueblos. It is known from mapping and limited excavations conducted by Nels Nelson in October, 1912. He estimated that the Pueblo holds more than 1500 rooms organized around at least nine plazas with as many as six kivas. At least one roomblock pre-dates AD 1400, most of the room blocks and plazas date within the 15th century, and there are a series of post-AD 1600 structures and features of probable Spanish affiliation. Unlike other Galisteo Basin pueblos, there is almost no rock art in the vicinity, but there is a well-defined dam and reservoir and an outlying lookout structure or shrine.

The first tours will start at 8 am and additional tours will depart at intervals thereafter, with the final tours starting shortly after lunch. Although elevation changes will be equivalent only to climbing up and down four or five flights of stairs, the tours will cover close to two miles of hiking over both rough rocky and soft sandy terrain. Cholla, snakes, and the weather are the usual hazards of this event. In addition to the historic features, the area around Pueblo Shé has been used by generations of filmmakers, providing locations and sets for The Cowboys, Hostiles, and Woman Walks Ahead.

Tours will be scheduled based on a first-call-basis via pre-registration through the Friends of Archaeology hotline. Hotline pre-registration will open beginning at 7 am on Tuesday, April 23 (505.982.7799 ext. 6). Please leave your name, the number of people in your party, and a call-back number. A Friends of Archaeology volunteer will call back within a day or two to gather more information for the official registration, answer questions, and provide arrival time assignments. Maps, waivers, and detailed instructions will be distributed to registered participants around May 24.

Chiles and Sherds is one of two major fundraising events that the Friends of Archaeology organizes each year as part of the Museum of New Mexico Foundation. Cost for the tours and lunch is $100 for FOA members and $110 for non-members. Money raised supports the education and research programs of the Office of Archaeological Studies of the Museum of New Mexico, New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.