Historic Film: Hungarian Festival Dress

February 16, 2020 12:00 am
12:00 am
Museum of International Folk Art

In 1938, Clara Hoover of Oak Park, Illinois, traveled to Hungary as well as what was then Czechoslovakia to participate in an immersive workshop program organized by the International School of Art (ISA).  Traveling from a Budapest base to explore Hungarian towns and villages, Miss Hoover documented on 16mm film the games, dances, crafts, and ceremonies she encountered, demonstrating particular interest in traditional costumes and their many regional variations.  Clara Hoover later recorded a narration to accompany her film and donated the original picture and sound materials to the Museum of International Folk Art in 1983. Film in English.

A Friends of Folk Art Pop-Up Film Event  in the Joan and Clifford Vernick Auditorium. Historic Film: Hungarian Festival Dress. Bartlett Librarian & Archivist Brian Graney will provide an introduction to the screening of this historic folk art film.