The Pre-History of Salinas Pueblo

the other Galisteo Basin

September 29, 2018
September 30, 2018
Archaeology, Friends of Archaeology

An intriguing two-and-a-half day tour of the little known Salinas region of New Mexico is being offered this fall. While within an hour of Albuquerque, the area is still mysterious and controversial. The tour will include public National Park Service sites, as well as large pueblos in the Cibola National Forest that are usually unseen by the public. A special treat is a visit to an A.D. 900-1100 jacal (wattle-and-daub construction) village that has been recently mapped and may help rewrite the prehistory of the area. Archaeologist and guide Ward Beers will give a talk on Friday night about the history of the sites we will see as well as an overview of the prehistoric Salinas occupation. There will be strenuous climbing and hiking to some of the sites.

Overnight accommodations in Corona will be available and participants should make their lodging reservations early. A Brown Bag Talk given by Ward Beers will be scheduled in August at the Center for New Mexico Archaeology. Stay tuned to for more information. To make reservations, call (505) 982-7799, ext. 7 after 7 am, starting August 28. The cost of this trip is $225 for FOA members and $250 for non-members.

Cost of trip: $225 for FOA members, $250 for non-FOA members.

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