To Keep Them Warm: The Alaska Native Parka

To Keep Them Warm: The Alaska Native Parka

September 25, 2022
May 14, 2023
Museum of International Folk Art

To Keep Them Warm examines the continuum of Alaska Native parka-making with examples from Yup’ik, Inupiaq, Unangan, Dena’ina Athabascan and St. Lawrence Island Yupik cultures. Also included are indigenous drawings, dolls and parka-making tools, as well as historic photographs, to illustrate the contexts in which parkas are worn. Examples of new directions in parka-making and sewing complete the picture of the Alaska Native parka in contemporary society.

Co-curated by Suzi Jones and Melissa Shaginoff, in collaboration with Alaska Native parka makers, scholars, and tradition bearers

Fancy parka, Inupiaq, ca. 1890. Arctic ground squirrel, wolf fur, wolverine fur, calfskin, wool. MOIFA Collection, gift of Louis Criss.

Photo: Addison Doty.

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