NMHM | March 2023

New Mexico History Museum

John Chiodo of Chiodo Design is an interpretive place-maker and seasoned designed professional bringing over 25 years of experience to the planning and design of cultural attractions.  Collaborating on interdisciplinary teams, he helps to unify creative ideas into an inclusive and coherent plan, bringing clarity to the complexities of planning new projects.

Gail Anderson, president of Gail Anderson & Associates, has over 35 years of experience in the nonprofit world working with museums and cultural organizations.  She transforms cultural institutions, builds leadership capacity, and expands community and global relevance.  Gail is the author of key industry publications used widely as core references for museum leaders and in museum studies training courses.

John and Gail are leading the History Museum’s efforts to develop an Interpretive Masterplan that: generates enthusiasm, confidence, and support for the New Mexico History Museum’s (NMHM) approach to visitor experience; and provides guidance for the development of exhibits and their related programs for the Palace of Governors within a museum-wide comprehensive approach to interpretation and visitor experience throughout.

The Interpretive Masterplan will be part of the museum’s goal of on-going improvement through public engagement, incorporation of best practices, and critical assessment.  Two groups are being formed to support the planning process: 1) a professional working group composed of museum staff members and outside experts; and 2) a stakeholder group composed of Foundation trustees and advancement committee members, donors, legislators and history enthusiasts.  The latter group will review the draft plan and provide input.

This work began February 21 and will conclude in September.