Fund the Foundation

Museums will always matter. Culture is everlasting. Folk art connects the world. History is our best teacher.

Thank you for supporting the Fund the Foundation initiative to help stabilize MNMF’s finances this fall. With your help, we can overcome the $100,000 deficit incurred in the first quarter of FY2021 and put the Foundation’s budget back on track to break-even by next June. Please click the buttons below to:

  1. Increase your membership support
  2. Add two new members to the Circles program
  3. Make a gift to the Annual Fund (matched by the
    John Duncan and Anita Sarafa Challenge Grant)

Your generosity will help keep the Foundation financially viable and position MNMF to continue fulfilling its vital mission to the Museum of New Mexico system. Together, we will see this through!

Guy Gronquist
Chair, Board of Trustees

John Duncan
Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Rosalind Doherty
Board of Trustees