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Thank you for your membership in the Museum of New Mexico Foundation and support of the Museum of New Mexico system.

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  1. When will I receive my membership card?
    Membership cards, digital and plastic, take two weeks to process and fulfill from the date received.
  2. How can I renew my membership?
    You may renew online here, by calling 505.989.6366 ext. 100, mailing a check to 1411 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501, or visiting one of the five Museum Shops.
  3. I did not receive my discount at
    Please email
  4. I need a replacement card?
    Please fill out our online member services form here.
  5. I have not received my membership cards.
    Please fill out our online member services form here.
  6. I would like to update my mailing address, email or phone number.
    Please fill out our online member services form here.
  1. How will I receive my digital card?
    You will be sent an email to access your digital card when you join the Museum of New Mexico Foundation. You will also be mailed physical cards with your acknowledgment letter.
  2. Will I receive a digital card each time I renew my membership?
    Once you add the digital membership card to your mobile wallet, it will automatically update 2 weeks after you renew.
  3. How do I use my digital membership card?
    Your digital membership card is unique to your membership and displays your name, member level, member ID, expiration date, and benefits. Show your digital membership at the admission desk, member-only events, the Museum Shops and Museum Hill Cafe to take advantage of your benefits.
  4. How do I download my digital membership card to my iPhone or Android phone?
    Click here to watch a video with step-by-step instructions on how to download your digital membership card to your smartphone wallet. There are also written the instructions at the bottom of this page.
  5. How do I access my digital card?
    Digital membership cards will be sent to the email address of every active member. Open the email on your mobile device and follow the instructions to download the card to your smartphone wallet. Android users may need to install Wallet Passes from the Play Store prior to download. If you don’t receive an email or you accidentally delete the email, please contact us at for a new email with the link.
  6. Where can I find my digital card?
    Once downloaded, your digital cards will live in your smartphone’s wallet.
  7. I have a membership for two people. How do I get the other card?
    If we have one email address associated with your membership, your email will contain both membership cards. Once downloaded you will see two membership cards in your digital wallet. Members can then forward the email or use the share feature of the wallet app to ensure that secondary cardholders receive their digital membership card. If we have two email addresses associated with your membership, both members will receive an email with links to their own membership cards.
  8. I have a membership for myself and a guest people. How do I get the other card?
    You will receive an email for each membership card. Once you download each, you will see two membership cards in your digital wallet. You can then show both cards upon entry.
  9. My membership includes the North American Reciprocal Museum Association (NARM) benefits. How can I use my reciprocal benefit?
    Your digital card will have the NARM logo. Simply show your digital membership card at participating museums to receive benefits.
  10. Will my digital card update when I renew my membership?
    Yes. After your membership has been fully processed, your digital card will automatically update with your new expiration date. Please allow up to two weeks for processing. You only have to download the card once.
  11. What if I lose/delete my membership card or it hasn’t arrived yet?
    If you need a replacement card, please contact us at You can also show your photo ID and at the Museum Shops and receive a temporary card until your digital card is resent.
  12. Can someone else use my membership card?
    Membership benefits are nontransferable.
  13. I bought a gift membership. Will the recipient get a digital card?
    Yes, we will send the digital membership to the email provided for the gift recipient.
  14. I do not want a digital card, can I opt out?
    Yes, if you do not want a digital card, you do not need to download it. A plastic card will still be mailed to you.
  15. Does this replace my plastic membership card?
    No, you will still receive a plastic membership card. Digital membership cards are an addition to your existing membership cards.

Click here for our digital card FAQs.

  • To access your member portal click this link:
  • An email will be sent to you with a magic link, which will take you directly to your custom Member Portal
  • Repeat these steps each time you want to access the Member Portal. No username or password is needed.