Annual Fund

The Annual Fund enables the Foundation to raise private support for exhibitions and educational programs at our 13 cultural institutions, as well as provide financial management, operate four Museum Shops and our licensing program, and advocate for state funding.

Last year the four state museums in Santa Fe, eight historic sites statewide, and the Office of Archaeological Studies welcomed more than 300,000 visitors and served more than 40,000 students.

New Mexico’s cultural resources are some of the largest and most important collections of art and history in the country.  It is our responsibility as citizens of New Mexico or frequent visitors to ensure that future generations experience these resources as we do.

As you may know, the state of New Mexico provides funding only for staffing and building operations for the museum system.  No state funds are appropriated for exhibitions and educational programs. To make possible these vital activities, the Foundation relies on private support from members like you.

With your contribution to the Annual Fund, our 13 cultural institutions will be able to present groundbreaking exhibitions and provide impactful education programs for the year ahead, while also preserving the priceless art and artifacts in the Museum of New Mexico collections.