New Mexico Museum of Art Vladem Contemporary illuminates the nighttime experience in Santa Fe

The New Mexico Museum of Art Vladem Contemporary is transforming the after-dark arts scene with a lineup of captivating experiences that redefine nocturnal culture in Santa Fe.

At the forefront of this groundbreaking initiative is the Digital Window, a mesmerizing display of artists’ videos, short films, and animations generously sponsored by Deborah Fritz and the Fritz family. From 4 p.m. to midnight, the Van Mabee Plaza comes alive with a curated selection of works by contemporary visionaries such as Madelin Coit, Susanna Carlisle, and Bruce Hamilton, alongside contributions from KIDS FIRST! Visitors can immerse themselves in these cinematic creations while streaming synchronized audio through their smart devices, reminiscent of the nostalgic charm of a drive-in movie experience.

Adjacent to this cinematic showcase is the Window Box, a dynamic platform showcasing the talents of emerging New Mexican artists. Rotating three times a year, this space highlights the diverse voices and perspectives of up-and-coming creatives, with the current installation, "Madremonte" by Ileana Alarcón, curated in collaboration with Vital Spaces, an incubator for burgeoning local talent.

Rounding out the nocturnal offerings is a permanent installation by internationally acclaimed artist Leo Villareal. Entitled "Astral Array," this mesmerizing display utilizes a spectrum of LEDs to conjure random patterns inspired by natural phenomena, from constellations to microscopic life forms. Villareal’s intricate designs, derived from a fusion of artistic vision and mathematical precision, create an otherworldly spectacle that evolves with the shifting rhythms of the night.

Experience the magic of the New Mexico Museum of Art Vladem Contemporary after dark, where art transcends the boundaries of time and space to ignite the imagination under the starlit skies of Santa Fe.

About New Mexico Museum of Art Vladem Contemporary

NMMOA Vladem Contemporary is a newly reimagined venue to showcase and house contemporary art from the collection of the Museum of New Mexico. Often large in scale and complex in materials, current art making practices require expanded solutions for display and storage. Through a creative and ambitious adaptive reuse renovation by DNCA + StudioGP of the former NM State Archives building (which was previously the Ilfeld Warehouse) located in the Santa Fe Railyard District, the Museum now has the capacity and the means to present contemporary art since 1970. Various programs designed to engage directly with artists aim to deepen the connection with art and artists living and working in the state of New Mexico.