Using Yucca Root to Make Soap

Intern Neena Vigil got a quick lesson in making of yucca root soap at the Office of Archaeological Studies in October of 2022. Neena removed the spiky leaves from a narrow-leaf yucca plant, and then shaved thin flakes off the remaining root with a vegetable peeler. The flakes were dried and crushed into a soft powder. The powder can be added to a small bottle of water, which should be shaken thoroughly to create suds. In-house yucca expert Mary Weahkee recommends that soap from the narrow-leaf yucca plant not be used as shampoo and works better as a fabric detergent. Remember, OAS is always on the lookout for yucca plants and would greatly appreciate any donations of living or recently dug up narrow-or wide-leaf yucca for use in upcoming education Outreach programs.


This article and image are from the Friends of Archaeology Newsletter November 2022.