Vladem Contemporary Brick Update

Thank you for purchasing a brick(s) at the New Mexico Museum of Art Vladem Contemporary. 

Most bricks purchased before 3/31/23 have been installed. If you purchased your brick after 3/31/23, it will be installed at a later date.

For the bricks that have been installed, we wanted to alert you that, the first batch of bricks are difficult to read due to a light inscribing technique on a dark colored brick with a small font.

We want you to have the most pleasant experience possible, so we have created a map to help you find your brick(s) when you visit the museum. Your brick location can be found in the first column here.This map shows where the zones are located.

Vladem Brick Map

Please know that we value your brick purchase and that the inscription likely has special meaning to you. Be assured that, after the grand opening, we will assume the responsibility of remaking and replacing all of the inscribed bricks and creating your brick(s) in a format that is fully legible. If you have any questions or comments about your brick please visit our brick feedback form.In the meantime, we hope you are as proud as we are of our newest museum building in the Museum of New Mexico system.