Cultural Getaway: Bishop’s Lodge Auberge Resort Collection

MNMF Corporate Partner Spotlight

Travelers come to Bishop’s Lodge Auberge Resort Collection for getaways steeped in Southwestern art and culture, including painting lessons, cooking classes, outdoor adventures and more.

Opened in 2021, the Auberge resort is the latest iteration of the historic hotel property in Little Tesuque Canyon, a site first inhabited by Pueblo Indians. In the 1700s, Spanish settlers grew wheat, corn and beans there, and raised horses, cattle and sheep. Archbishop Jean-Baptiste Lamy built a hideaway and chapel on the property during the second half of the 19th century.

Today, this rich history is a major draw for the sprawling hotel north of Santa Fe, a Museum of New Mexico Foundation Lead Corporate Partner at the $10,000 level.

“With the depth of art that is made available to guests, to be able to support the museum foundation—it’s almost a responsibility,” says Angelica Palladino, the resort’s general manager.

Since joining the Foundation in 2021, Bishop’s Lodge has hosted member and donor events as well as Foundation board meetings. The lodge also leverages its partnership with the Foundation through personal museum tours for their guests, who often request experiences “that you can’t find on Google,” Palladino says.

“We had someone who was interested in pottery, so we found a docent to meet them at the museums and show them pottery in the collections,” she continues. “We have collector experiences where guests can learn about [an art form] at a museum and then take that knowledge with them when they are shopping.”

As a fairly new Corporate Partner, Palladino looks forward to finding more opportunities to open their doors to the Foundation, as well as to make perks of their sponsorship available to Bishop’s Lodge employees.

For more information about corporate partnership, contact Mariann Lovato at or 505.216.0849.



This article and image are from the Museum of New Mexico Foundation’s Member News Spring 2023.