Decorating with Folk & Tribal Art

Decorating with Folk & Tribal Art

A Presentation by Lisa Samuel

June 9, 2024 02:00 pm
02:00 pm
Friends of Folk Art, Museum of International Folk Art

Displaying folk or tribal art whether a collection or just a few special pieces require a sensitivity to nuances of spatial aesthetics as well as the principals of design. Light and form are particularly important when articulating the displaying of art. Throughout Lisa’s career as an interior designer she has been passionate about Folk and Tribal Art and relishes the opportunity to display such art forms. Samuel has a particular affinity for this type of art because she feels that Folk Art is communication about a culture and a heritage of ‘the people’ in a community. Folk art does not aim for individual expression. Folk Art is a collective expression of a culture that speaks to community, communication and a passing of information from generation to generation.Part of the great challenge and excitement (fun) of displaying, especially collections are finding unique methods of doing so that will surprise and delight the viewer. Curating a collection as a collaboration is also a rewarding aspect of this work. Samuel will discuss some unique display solutions that she has implemented with great success. This event is for FOFA members ONLY.  FOFA members will receive an invitation by email which will include all the details. A single membership allows access to one ticket. A dual membership allows for two tickets.

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