In the Shops: Artist Spotlight, Mary Tafoya

Mary Louise Tafoya is from Santo Domingo, or Kewa Pueblo, in New Mexico. Although she comes from a traditional Pueblo using an ancient “heishi” artform, Tafoya is one of 11 children born to talented jewelry artists, Frank and Anita Coriz. As a young girl, she helped her family string what is called “Depression era” Santo Domingo pieces. Lacking the access to more natural materials to craft jewelry, makers would search for bits and pieces of battery cases, dishes, toothbrushes, phonograph records, and fashionably recycle them into traditional looking pieces.Tafoya is known for her contemporary take on the ancient art of mosaic inlay, creating pictures with the stones and shells that she crafts in the traditional manner. She works with inlaid stones and her exuberant pieces in turquoise and jet and mother-of-pearl are widely admired.Shop online or in-store at the Colleen Cloney Duncan Shop at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture. Members save 10%, and Circles save 15% on purchases.


This excerpt and image are from Member E-News July 2022.