Colourist Magazine featuring stories about Santa Fe and the Museums available at the MOIFA Shop

Last year Pamela Kelly, VP of Licensing, sought out Annie Sloan, founder of the eponymous UK-based paint company and proposed to her the concept of developing a color range inspired by the Museums’ collections. Sloan agreed and in September she traveled with her design team to Santa Fe. Pamela hosted the group, showed Annie the collections at the Museum of Indian Arts and Folk Art and toured them all around Santa Fe and its environs.

Understandably inspired, Sloan agreed to develop a museum inspired collection of chalk paints and stencils for introduction in 2024 and to include several stories about the partnership in her magazine, The Colourist. The first issue features a story called, My Santa Fe, in which Pamela shares some of her favorite Santa Fe stores, galleries and experiences. The issue also features stories about local designer Jane Smith’s home and the O’Keeffe house.