MEMBERSHIP | June 2023

Rendering Courtesy DNCA Architects | StudioGP

Great news! We’ve already made our revenue goal for general membership! Our goal is $750,000 this fiscal year and we have $762,000 to date. We attribute this revenue growth to a high retention rate of 78%, successful shop acquisition efforts, and strong participation in our upgrade campaign.

Members enjoyed two member events last month. The first was a Member Day Preview of Ghhúunayúkata / To Keep Them Warm which explores the art of the parka, a garment made for survival in the harsh environments where Alaska Native peoples live and thrive. Now on view at the Museum of International Folk Art.

The other event was free admission on Sunday to the Native Treasures Art Market. For the event recap, please see my colleague, Lauren Paige’s section.

We’re in the final weeks of our Step Up upgrade appeal. Members who step up to a higher membership level receive added member benefits, including permanent recognition at the Vladem Contemporary at the Patron level and higher. Read all levels and details here.

El Palacio and Member News have been mailed to members. You may view a digital version of Member News here.

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