MIAC | June 2023

The 19th annual Native Treasures Art Market was such a big success! 172 Native artists participated this year, and attendance increased 40% over last year. Overall, the artists were tremendously happy, making big sales and great connections. The performances supported by a grant from the Northern Río Grande National Heritage Area were a big hit, drawing in tons of people. The museum’s education table, organized by the Director of Education Marita Hinds, was full of kids and families throughout the weekend. Thanks to this year’s donations towards the market, we were able to provide boxed lunches to all of the artists on Saturday and snacks and drinks throughout the event. Those gestures of hospitality were deeply appreciated.

I would like to recognize some special community support that helped to make the show such a success – IFAM, as well as the Friends of Folk Arts (FOFA), helped us to secure tons of volunteer support, SWAIA created a big social media presence for the market and the Institute of American Indian Arts stepped up with a great sponsorship. This outpouring of support from the community and partner organizations is meaningful and humbling. It’s wonderful to know how many people love this event and want it to succeed.

Onward to the 20th annual art market in 2024!


Photo courtesy of Brkawaay Creative LLC.