MNMF’s 60th Anniversary and 60 Reasons to be a Member

September 9th marks the Museum of New Mexico Foundation’s 60th Anniversary!

The Museum of New Mexico Foundation was founded in 1962 by Thomas B. Catron III as a vehicle for providing private support for the four state museums in Santa Fe. The establishment of the private, nonprofit Foundation launched a robust private-public partnership between the Foundation and the State of New Mexico that continues today.

While the State of New Mexico funds building operations and staff salaries, “The Foundation provides a way for private funds to be directed to three vital areas of cultural support: education, collections and exhibitions,” says Catron.

Since its inception, the Foundation has raised more than $90 million in total giving from 25,000 donors and more than 16,000 members. Our role and impact in supporting one of the country’s largest state-run museum systems remains vital to the advancement of the art, history and culture of New Mexico and the world.

There are Many Reasons to be a Member
Here are 60 of our Favorites

  1. Membership is a good value
  2. Support local cultural institutions
  3. Free, unlimited admission
  4. 10 percent museum shop discounts
  5. 10 percent off at
  6. Free El Palacio subscription
  7. Free Member News subscription
  8. Museum Hill Café discount
  9. Opuntia Café discount
  10. Keep in touch with the art world
  11. Family-friendly programs 
  12. Member E-News
  13. Art and history talks
  14. Enjoy behind-the-scenes tours
  15. Museums are fun
  16. Art, music and theatrical performances
  17. Early access to exhibitions
  18. Exclusive members-only events
  19. Four museums, one membership
  20. Support the Museum of International Folk Art
  21. Support the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture
  22. Support the New Mexico Museum of Art
  23. Support the New Mexico History Museum 
  24. Support the New Mexico Historic Sites
  25. Support the Office or Archaeological Studies
  26. Hands-on activities
  27. Film screenings
  28. Friends groups
  29. Great parties
  30. Connect with and support artists
  31. Be a cultural citizen of Santa Fe
  32. Enjoy your New Mexico art collection
  33. Engage and inspire your children in a museum environment
  34. Spend time with people you love 
  35. Kids 16 and under are always free
  36. Art makes you smart
  37. Art is a great conversation starter
  38. Art relieves stress
  39. Museums offer great backgrounds for selfies
  40. We teach teachers about art
  41. Philanthropy feels good
  42. Find a sense of place and community
  43. Meet new friends
  44. Experience some of the world’s best museums
  45. Engage with smart and professional curators and staff
  46. Create memories
  47. Be a part of our new museum Vladem Contemporary
  48. Support one of the largest economic catalysts, our museums
  49. Read our curators’ books and other publications
  50. To experience things IRL (in real life)
  51. Member benefits rock
  52. Help build the art collection of New Mexico
  53. Join a family of 16,000 members
  54. Support exhibitions and programs for 300,000 annual visitors
  55. Be inspired
  56. It’s tax-deductible
  57. Provide access to education
  58. Be a part of something big
  59. Save money
  60. Because you believe in art, history and culture

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