MOA | APRIL 2023

Thank you to all who joined us on Saturday, March 18 for the public opening of With the Grain.

The event was vibrant and well attended, and members enjoyed a preview of the new exhibition, followed by music by Lone Piñon and a conversation led by Christian Waguespack who was joined by artist Luis Barela in the gallery. With The Grain explores the dialogue between artists and their materials at play in the work of modern and contemporary Hispanic carvers in Northern New Mexico at the intersection of materials, form, practice, and place. It traces the relationship between wood carvers in Northern New Mexico and the distinctive way in which the aesthetics of their work was, and continues to be, informed by a relationship with their material and through a privileging of the natural qualities of the wood they worked with. This practice often allows the natural forms of unfinished pieces of wood to guide the composition of their piece, thus fostering a dialogue between artist and material that informed the finished product.

To support current and upcoming exhibition programs, contact Kristin Graham at or call 505.216.1199.

Construction Update, Vladem Contemporary

Construction at the Vladem Contemporary is proceeding apace. The building is close to being sealed with much of the glass in place. The AFC panels are being installed along the upper level and should take four weeks to complete, which is one of the few remaining features of the façade yet to be completed.

The building now has permanent power and will soon have permanent gas, water, and sewer. With permanent power in place, assembly of both elevators can continue, and finishing work on the grand staircase is proceeding. Finishing work on interior spaces is underway across the building. We look forward to continued progress and opening our doors soon. If you would like to visit the site or join us for a hard hat tour, please email Kristin Graham,