Staff Picks: Favorites from the Collection


 See Museum of International Folk Art (MOIFA) through the eyes of those who spend their working hours surrounded by the largest collection of international folk art in the world. Opening February 25, 2024, Staff Picks: Favorites from the Collection showcases hidden gems and personal favorites chosen by MOIFA staff from the museum’s permanent collection. 

Staff Picks: Favorites from the Collection, a title we voted on, is an exhibition formulated with the intention of inclusivity and togetherness among the people who care for the museum every day,” said Rachel Cover, Curator of this exhibition. “To curate this exhibition, staff members were consulted on their individual expertise by browsing the collection’s storage areas, choosing two artworks they wanted to display, and including statements as to why they chose each piece.”

Museum of International Folk Art exhibits only a small portion of its collection in its galleries at a given time. Much of the collection stays in storage, rarely seen by the public or even by staff members. Staff Picks: Favorites from the Collection is the first exhibition that MOIFA has presented with work chosen by all museum staff. Showcasing hidden gems and personal favorites, 35 staff members selected two objects from the permanent collection for a total of 70 artworks to be displayed in the Bartlett Gallery.

"We wanted to share the passion and individuality of our staff, revealing the works that have left a lasting impact on each of us," said Charlie Lockwood, MOIFA Executive Director. "This exhibition is a testament to the vibrant creativity within our walls and the often-profound connections our team has with the collection.”

The diversity of objects in Staff Picks represents a spectrum of aesthetic preferences and personal interests and highlights the museum’s vast collection. This exhibition celebrates the rich tapestry of artistic expression that resonates with the museum staff.

“As this exhibit developed, we began to see everyone’s choices, and they are all so different, reflecting the vastness of MOIFA’s collections and bringing out our individual personalities, interests, and connection to the museum. I feel the exhibit is a chance for us all to celebrate the uniqueness of MOIFA and the staff involved. I hope the exhibit will appeal to many visitors and want them to explore more of the collections, I also hope it gives visitors a small glimpse of the fabulous team that currently makes up MOIFA.” -MOIFA Staff Member

Visitors can expect to encounter a range of mediums, styles, geographies, and eras, creating a dynamic and immersive experience. The exhibition encourages dialogue and connection, inviting patrons to explore the stories behind the selections and engage with the art on a personal level.


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