Exhibitions Support

Your support for museum exhibitions through the Museum of New Mexico Foundation’s Exhibitions Development Fund and Director’s Leadership Fund enables our four affiliated Santa Fe museums to engage, inspire and educate hundreds of thousands of visitors from New Mexico and beyond each year.

The heart of the museum experience, exhibitions and related programs are fully dependent on private philanthropic support. Your investment in these vital areas helps provide the creative freedom, research opportunities and other resources that our museum directors, curators, educators and other staff need to dream of and deliver world-class exhibitions.

Whether highlighting a ceremonial bead cache from Chaco Canyon at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, lowrider cars at the New Mexico History Museum, contemporary video installations at the New Mexico Museum of Art, or global folk art at the Museum of International Folk Art, every exhibition involves extensive planning, coordination and execution. In turn, these exhibitions bring diverse audiences together to learn about the art, history and culture of New Mexico and beyond.

Exhibition gifts in any amount are gratefully appreciated. Contributions of $1,000 or more are designated to the Exhibitions Development Fund, while gifts of $10,000 or more are directed to the Director’s Leadership Fund.